Our company

Traditions and competence, the ability to sense new trends and lifestyles have made the D'Anna group a synonym of polished clothing, high quality and elegance.

*Extract from the monthly Magazine Italia.

Talking about fashion and elegance not only in Campania means certainly to talk about D'Anna's family. In the wake of a celebrated tradition, quality and elegance have been their seal of excellence for five generations, since 1885.
Born as a footwear factory, in 1964 it's announced the opening of a top quality store, which has always been the family's ace in the hole. Success arrives soon and the factory became a "must" also beyond its regional area. In 1985 there will be the great change, the first menswear store opens following the Mario D'Anna's strong passion for men's fashion, including brands as Loro Piana, Borrelli, Kiton, Fay, Brunello Cucinelli, Ralph Lauren and others. The 1990 year is dedicated to female clothing, exposing the first 'shop widow' entirely created for women: a Boutique larger than 500 mq, offering worldwide renowned brands such as Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Fay, Dries Van Noten, Celine and others. Moreover the D'Anna's group is among the first Hogan stores in Italy, thanks to the friendly relationship with Diego Della Valle. But prospects of a business growth don't stop just here. In 2006 a new challenge: a store entirely dedicated to children opens. In chronological order the last store opened is that dedicated to the trendy/fashion menswear and run by Luca D'Anna.

Today three finance companies manage the group whose holders are Esq. Fabio, lady Annie and Luca. A company as important as D'Anna's has a selected staff of 35 collaborators that follows the company development and future prospects. A long travel exploring a world of elegance and quality which for 130 years has been successfully improved in constancy, courage and great professionalism of a family, nowadays symbol of Made in Italy.